Just a diabetic girl living in a lonely world...

When I talk to other people in the diabetes online community (DOC) and get excited because someone finally understands me 



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So many people don’t realise how easy it is for us diabetics to give up. To not take our injections. To just not think about it. We have to work so hard just to keep our bodies going, to keep us alive. And then on top of that we have to conjure up the energy to live a ‘normal’ life. But as every diabetic would know, there is no normal for us. 

Diabetes has made me far too aware of the world inside my body.

When someone tells me the reason I have diabetes is because I’m fat and ate too much sugar 



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The victory I feel when my blood sugar is in range all day 



Happy Easter, to those of you who celebrate it! Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t eat something! 



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These Kittens Just Really Want You To Check Your Bloodsugar Right Now 


Guys, guys, guys. It will only take 30 seconds, and then you can get back to scratching behind my ears.




One… two… three… POKE!


Where are you going to throw that used test strip??!?!


When should you test? RIGHT MEOW!


Can’t find your lancing device? C’mere; I got this.


We promise we won’t even overreact to whatever the number is. It’s just information.


See? That wasn’t so bad. Now let’s go take a nap.

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Happy international “I need to bolus like a mofo day” also known as Easter for those with properly functioning pancreases 🐰🍫

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What nonbetics say to me after they make a diabetic joke 



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  • Boy: So, what's your type?
  • Girl: Type 1.
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People are so quick to say “it could be worse” and so incredibly slow to try and understand the amount of pain, sickness, and worry I feel on a daily basis.

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People always tell me I could have it worse. But they don’t feel the pain of diabetes. Every needle, every finger poke, every silent tear that falls when no one else is around. Yeah, maybe I could have it worse but you sure have it a lot better then me.
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Forever with Diabetes 







In adolescent psych, I learned that teenagers believe in the invincibility fable.

That part of being young is not considering getting hurt.

And I wonder what that feels like.

Because I am painfully aware of how lucky I am to be alive

Every finger prick, carb counted, and injection


I can’t explain how much I relate with every single word of this. Last night I had anxiety going to sleep because of the low of 40 I had yesterday while taking a nap. All I kept thinking was “What if this time I don’t wake up?” .I constantly have this realization that this is permanent and it scares the shit out of me. 

You have no idea how freaked out I feel now. My levels have been running on the lower side lately and now I’m scared to sleep. But we kinda have to count our blessings cause there’s this little girl who lives in Lancaster PA and she has type 1 diabetes, only difference is that she can’t feel when she’s low. So she could collapse at any second and not feel it coming.

That’s horrible :( I usually can’t feel my lows when they’re in the high 60s and any lower than that I just feel slightly dizzy/ light headed but I’ve never gotten below 60 so I’m thankful I was able to wake up I feel like someone was watching over me

Wow I feel lucky then. When I’m asleep if my blood sugars hit 50 my body automatically wakes me up to do something about it :/

I’ve had 2 times now where I normally fall asleep but am awoken by paramedics and my parents crying because my body has went cold. I do not sleep well just fear itself can weigh on you more then diabetes does. Talking about it brings back those shivers…

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  •  *Sips milkshake but doesn't swallow it*
  •  What are you doing?! You have diabetes!
  •  Ith a mebaforh
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